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Dr.B.R.Ambedkar  – Poona Pact 

The British Government awarded Communal Award on August 17, 1932 which was opposed tooth and nail by M. K. Gandhi. Gandhi went on fast unto death on 20th September against the representative electoral system of “separate electorates with dual vote” awarded to the DCs for 20 yrs.; in view of the disabilities faced by them due to exclusion of untouchability, and to guarantee them adequate representation. Gandhi was against both : any separate representation or a representative electoral system for DCs and their distinct constitutional recognition and rights. A truce was broken between Dr. Ambedkar and Gandhi in Yervada Prison, Poona on 24th September 1932 with a ‘Charter of Demands’ submitted by Babasaheb which agreed for additional safeguards for relinquishing the separate electorates, for joint electorates. The Pact is known as Poona Pact, which was signed on 25th next day,

Constitutional Exercise and GOI Act 1935

Dr. Ambedkar was also appointed on the ‘Joint Committee on Indian Constitutional Reforms’ (1933) which dealt with the constitutional issues of framing the Government of India Act, 1935. Dr. Ambedkar had an important bearing on the principles and provisions of the Act. Reserve Bank of India was formed in 1935 based on the deposition of Dr. Ambedkar before the ‘Royal Commission on Indian Currency and Finance’ known as Hilton Young Commission in 1925. His works The Problem of Rupee and The Evolution of Provincial Finance in British India were considered to be most authentic studies in this regard.

Husband Dr. Bhimrao R. Ambedkar And Wife Ramabai Ambedkar.

Husband Dr. Bhimrao R. Ambedkar And Wife Ramabai Ambedkar.

Husband Ambedkar plunged in deep gried due to the demise of beloved Ramu on May 26, 1935. Ramabai was a compassionate, affectionate and caring wife who sacrificed mundane cravings of life for supporting ‘Saheb’. She suffered the shock of four children Gangadhar, Ramesh, Indu and Rajratna; and was beleaguered with diabetes and hypertension. At thirtynine her demise left Babasaheb alone, who lived a virtues life as ever. Not before thirteen years in April 1948 was He remarried to Dr. Sharda Kabir, due to medical reasons.

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